Htoo Sandi Lwin

Admin Executive at Seven Phoenix Real Estate

  • Specialties: Residential

About Htoo Sandi Lwin

Introducing Htoo Sandi Lwin, a highly motivated and results-driven Admin executive at Seven Phoenix Real Estate. With her exceptional communication skills, persuasive abilities, and passion for real estate, Sandi plays a vital role in generating leads, nurturing client relationships, and driving sales growth.

Her main responsibility is to engage prospective clients over the phone, showcasing the agency’s real estate offerings and highlighting their unique features and benefits. Her warm and engaging personality allows her to establish a genuine connection with clients, putting them at ease and building trust from the first conversation. Sandi actively listens to clients’ preferences and requirements, customizing her approach to meet their specific needs.

Drawing upon her extensive knowledge of the Dubai real estate market, she provides valuable insights and guidance to clients, helping them make informed decisions. She stays up-to-date with market trends, property values, and investment opportunities, allowing her to answer queries confidently and address any concerns clients may have. Her expertise and attention to detail position her as a trusted advisor in the industry.

During negotiations, Sandi’s excellent persuasion and negotiation skills shine through. She understands how to effectively address client objections, present compelling arguments, and find mutually beneficial solutions. Her ability to build rapport and trust enables her to close deals successfully, contributing to the agency’s overall sales growth.

Outside of her role as a telesales executive, Sandi is committed to continuous self-improvement. She actively seeks professional development opportunities, attends training sessions, and stays informed about industry trends and best practices. Her drive for excellence and her eagerness to learn contribute to her ongoing success in the competitive real estate market.

Language: English, Hindi

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