Rubena Crasta

Administrator & Accountant at Seven Phoenix Real Estate

About Rubena Crasta

Rubena Crasta, the skilled and accomplished female administrator and accountant at Seven Phoenix Real Estate. With her expertise in administrative operations and financial management, Rubena plays a vital role in the agency’s smooth functioning and success.

Her attention to detail, organizational skills, and analytical mindset make her an invaluable asset to the agency. Her meticulous approach ensures that all administrative tasks, from record-keeping and documentation to scheduling and coordination, are handled efficiently. With her exceptional multitasking abilities, Rubena keeps the office running smoothly, enabling the team to focus on providing exceptional service to clients.

As the agency’s accountant, she demonstrates proficiency in managing financial operations. Her in-depth knowledge of accounting principles and regulations allows her to handle financial transactions, maintain accurate records, and prepare financial reports with precision. Her expertise ensures that the agency’s financial affairs are handled meticulously, fostering transparency and accountability.

Beyond her administrative and financial roles, Rubena also brings a positive and collaborative energy to the workplace. She excels in building strong relationships with colleagues and clients alike, always going the extra mile to ensure their needs are met. Her warm and approachable nature creates a welcoming environment, making her a reliable point of contact for clients.

Rubena’s commitment to professional growth and continuous learning keeps her abreast of the latest industry trends and best practices. She actively seeks opportunities to enhance her skills, staying updated with the ever-evolving real estate landscape in Dubai. Her dedication and willingness to adapt contribute to the agency’s ability to navigate the market successfully.

Language: English, Hindi

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