International Vastu Expert and Astrologer

Mr. Ravibhai Joshi, the founder of Tatva Astrology Services, is recognized as one of the country’s foremost astrologers and Vastu experts. He has shared his extensive knowledge of astrology and spiritual science on many prominent stages worldwide.

Mr. Joshi has extended his Vastu and astrology services beyond India to numerous countries, including the USA, Canada, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Germany, and others. He continues to provide his expertise in Vastu and astrology uninterruptedly in these nations.

His lecture on “Vastu and Life” at the Trainer Training Programme organized by the E-Genie Company in Dubai has garnered significant acclaim.

Astro Ravibhai Joshi
International vastu expert and astrologer

Benefits of Vastu and Astrology

Positive Energy Flow

Ensure that the main entrance is free from obstacles and faces a favorable direction to allow positive energy to flow into the house.

Natural Light

Maximize natural light by incorporating large windows and skylights, which can enhance the mood and create a vibrant atmosphere within the house.

Water Elements

Incorporate water elements such as a small fountain or aquarium in the northeast direction to attract prosperity and abundance into the house.

Global Vastu Book

 ‘Global Vastu’ delves into the intricate aspects of Vastu Shastra, encompassing four cardinal directions and four angles, along with the revered Brahma place. This comprehensive guide illuminates the essence of Vastu, offering insights into its underlying principles and the significance of each element. From understanding the nuances of Vastu doshas to providing effective remedies, the book serves as a beacon for harmonizing living spaces and workplaces alike.

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Astro Ravibhai Joshi
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